Partnering with you to create functional pharmaceutical marketing collateral. Find out how we can deliver relevant and targeted products for all healthcare areas.

EG BrandHouse has developed communication strategies designed to bridge the gap between medical information and improved healthcare. Our range of functional products, simultaneously speak the language of healthcare practitioners and engage patients towards compliance, appropriate and proper drug use.

Good today, better tomorrow
We are committed to providing continual brand collateral for communication with doctors and their patients as well as for the ongoing development of medical practitioners. We provide a wide range of solutions; from education aids for patients to clinical evaluation tools for healthcare professionals. You can rest assured that products are relevant and practical from day one, with the added value of prominent branding to ensure you stand out.

The bigger picture

The in-house design studio at EG BrandHouse, is proud to collaborate with international production partners to deliver an unrivalled range of high quality marketing collateral for the healthcare industry. we are happy to share strategies to further engage your anaesthetists, Dentists, GPS, Oncologists, Ophthalmologists, pathologists, OBGYN, ENT, Optometrist, Consultants, pediatricians, Neurologists, psychiatrists, Nurses, pharmacists and all other healthcare providers.

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